Xterra Gen2: New - Hatch Molle panel   •   Xterra Gen1 1999-2004: Roofracks and Sherpa panels now available
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Hardware needed and included: locking washers, 1 inch bolts, black spacers, jack nuts and jack nut tool Hardware and tools:
* drill with 1/8, 1/4 and 3/8 bits
* power tool with Philips screwdriver bit
* screwdriver

1.Align the Molle panel and mark the location of the holes

2.Drill with 1/8 inch bit enlarge with 1/4 inch bit and then 3/8 inch bit

3.Insert bolt through Jack Nut tool and into jack nut. Insert into the hole.

4.Tighten with power tool while applying pressure to keep the jack nut inside.
Switch to screwdriver, and feel the jack nut take hold and form an attached firm nut on the other side of the plastic. Do not overtighten, stop when the jack nut is firmly in place.

5.Remove the bolt and jack nut tool. Make sure the nut is solid in place.

6.Repeat for all holes, install jack nuts with jack nut tool

7.Insert bolt through locking nut, Molle panel, black spacer and into the jack nut in the door panel.

8.start with leftmost hole, barely attach, repeat for all holes. It is easier to place the spacers behind the Molle panel with the bolts barely attached, maximizing the panel to plastic spacing.

9.Spacers allow for Molle panel pouches mounting 3/8 inch spacers are not too short and not too long

Updated: 2021-04-02