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Install Window

Xterra Gen2 Molle install

First you hang the Molle on the Xterra top hook, align it to fit with your left hand (if you\'re right handed) and mark where one bottom bracket will be. Specifically center of the hole of an L bracket. You want to have the L bracket just near the edge of the plastic near the glass. (see Figure 2)

Figure 1:
Start with top hook, hang the Molle from it.
If your Xterra doesn\'t have a hook: Model X (as opposed to Models S, SE, Offroad, Pro4X) didn\'t come with hooks. There are supposed to be 4 hooks, 1 on each side above the window (almost center) and 2 more in the back. They are also used to support inside ceiling nets. I sell the used hook+bolt+cradle set $10. You will need help identifyig where exactly to cut the headliner (ask another Xterra owner), but the mounts are still there behind the headliner. These hooks also fit Gen1 Xterra 2000-2004.

Figure 2:
The tip of the bottom L brackets should be near the glass

Just do this for the bottom left bracket. Mark the hole with a thin tipped marker. Put the Molle away. Drill 1/8" hole through each of the 2 holes when you place the L bracket on the plastic. Away from the car, hold the metal 1.5x1 inch tab in pliers as you insert the self tapping screw into each hole, and run the screwdriver through -- this will make the following easier.
Place the metal 1.5x1 inch tab behind the plastic, as you lift on the plastic. Align the hole in metal tab with hole in plastic and insert the self tapping screw with a screwdriver.

Figure 3:
(viewed from outside of the vehicle with glass missing) Self tapping screw going from the inside (top in picture), through the plastic, and anchoring into the 1.5x1 inch tab behind the plastic. This is showing behind the plastic look, but you should not have to remove the plastic panel, just feel with your hand and lift the plastic to get the metal tab behind it.

Now while holding another L bracket, mark the holes while pushing on the Molle, to keep the end of the bottom L bracket near the glass again. Repeat the above, and you end up with 2 L brackets holding the bottom. Many users stop with just the 2 L brackets, but you can add 2 more on each side. The L brackets can be also formed in pliers to give the right angle of attachment. These side L brackets should also have a 1.5x1 inch metal tabs behind the plastic for a strong hold.

Figure 4:
Included hardware and how it\'s used. Use only bottom 2, all 6 or in between. Self tapping screws are pointed downwards into plastic, and mount through the holes of the 1.5x1 inch metal tabs. The threaded bolts attach to the nutserts (nuts held in place).

- the same Molle fits either passenger side or driver side. The roXterra text will be redable from the inside on driver side, and from the outside on the passenger side.
- custom text instead of roXterra is available in a dedicated listing for more $

Updated: 2021-01-24